Important Ways to Lower Your Mortgage Payments


First, nurses have a hard time getting approved for a mortgage and then they have to pay a mortgage with high-interest rates. Most of the time, when nurses decide to buy their first home, lenders might find their financial situation complex as Nurses can’t always prove full-time income and job histories that are free of employer shifts. Their financial statements might look unstable which can be the cause of high-interest rates when it comes to risk assessments.

The home buying process:

Obviously like any other person, nurses do have big dreams and all of these dreams are buying a home of their own which involves having to stress about making a mortgage payment each month.
So the very thought of buying a home involves a lot of decisions from the perspective of the buyer as well as the mortgage lenders- as it all begins with financing or opting mortgage loan programs for nurses.

But nurses have a thought that taking a massive mortgage will prevent them from making important decisions. Like any other debt, they think that it would be better off down the road if they are able to pay the mortgage as soon as possible. Whether they are looking to free up cash for other major purchases or trying to save up money for the coming years, their main focus should be securing a mortgage with low-interest rates and get to pay monthly installments that will fit into your budget.

To make it easier you have to start taking small steps that can make a big difference towards paying off your mortgage early and most of it also depends on the lender you choose.

Lowering your mortgage or paying off early:

Though taking debt is often one of the only ways to afford major purchases, like a home, car, or even for education. But when it comes to paying it off, mortgage loans can weigh you down, especially when the interest rates are high. Though refinancing is what most people go for, in order to reduce monthly payments, there are other options available to lower the mortgage and save money over time without refinancing. By paying off the mortgage early or lowering your mortgage, will not just increase your available funds each month but will also reduce the amount of interest you will have to pay otherwise over the life of the loan. So when the mortgage periods are long that results in more money later down the line to put towards those big dreams.

While exploring the option of lowering your mortgage, you should make sure that the payback period you are choosing is short, so that you can soon reap the benefits. Moreover, consulting specialists when exercising this option is generally a good idea as there are a lot of things involved along with cost elements and credit score!

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to rid yourself of your mortgage loan sooner, we have mentioned some tips below so that you can put your payments on a faster track without affecting your future plans:

  • Secure a mortgage with low-interest rates:

When buying a home your main focus should be securing a mortgage with a low-interest rate and the installments that you can pay comfortably without any kind of burden. For instance, homebuyers looking to lower their mortgage have plenty of options to consider, based on their financial bandwidth and credit reports. Most homebuyers choose to go for traditional markup of 15-30 years but interest rates change often and can raise drastically which can make your head spin, find out what you can do. To make it easier for you, you can go for shorter-term loans as this can help you in lowering the overall monthly repayments. Far before trying to apply for the mortgage and saving up for a considerable down payment start to clean your credit reports and boost your credit score. But how to improve the credit score? Let’s say, you have been using a credit card from multiple sources. So all this will be included in your total liabilities, for this, you can consider consolidating your debts by taking a debt consolidation mortgage loan. Other than that securing a low-interest rate loan can help you save a significant amount of money over the period of your loan.

  • Try to make larger down payments:

In order to keep your monthly installments for mortgage low consider putting down a large down payment. At least it is best to put out a 20% down payment if you are in a hurry to make a purchase as this would save you from paying PMI on a conventional mortgage. Moreover, see if you can set aside more with each month’s installments. As the more you put down, the lower your mortgage will be. Moreover, if you are putting at least 20%, you won’t have to pay private mortgage insurance which is there to protect the lender.

Though in some cases, the lenders don’t charge PMI. But if anyhow you end up choosing a lender who charges PMI, remember that unlike your mortgage installments, your monthly PMI never goes towards paying off the cost of your home. This means that rather than lowering your costs you will be paying more money each month.

  • Avoid PMI:

As we mentioned earlier the more down payment you put down on your home, the lower your mortgage will be. If you bought your house with less than 20% down payment, chances are you have to pay private mortgage insurance that will be in addition to your regular loan payment. The PMI you have to pay could add up hundreds of dollars to your payment every month which is not a very economical way to do so.

To understand the concept of PMI, let’s take a scenario. As a homebuyer, you have planned to put only 10% of the total to be paid at the closing table. Of course, now, you can’t avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI). But if the down payment is at least 20% you won’t have to pay PMI which typically costs 0.5% to 1% of the loan amount.

But why give lenders the extra amount each month? You can easily find brokers online, providing your assistance through zero down payment and even low down payments with no PMI, this way you can unload your PMI premium.

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